This pandemic will pass – really

To the editor:

Response to Paul Schroer’s letter, 3-14-20:

My father was born March 16, 1903. He was a survivor of the Influenza Epidemic of 1919. He was 16 years old and he was a Christian. I am sure many of the millions of people who died worldwide were people of faith as well.

Sometimes people do get tested beyond what they can handle, and sometimes they die. Remember, it is also said that “God helps those who help themselves.” Yes, no doubt, in time, the coronavirus will pass like all the others. Meantime, the people in authority are doing the right thing by closing schools and canceling events.

The people who are hoarding toilet paper should also remember to wash their hands, cough into their sleeve, and avoid crowds and maybe we can keep the number of casualties down.

Yes, Paul, some of us still have common sense. Really!

Linda Bolduan

New Ulm


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