Really people…

To the editor:

Really people…does everyone need to jump on the bandwagon and panic? Yes, the coronavirus is a serious matter, but not something that people need to start hoarding toilet paper. We have dealt with bird flu, and guess what, it passed. History tells us about the Black Plague, it passed. Every year we hear about wildfires, they passed. Do you see the pattern? Using common sense, which I know is dead, and even the simple precautions of washing hands often, staying away from large groups of people temporarily, might just be the solution to keep this virus in check and let it run its course.

Maybe it is time for our society to slow down a little. It is sad how the news always seems to sensationalize matters because maybe it was a “slow news day.” As a Christian, I know I am not the one in control. God will never test any of us beyond what each of us can handle. Out lives are in His hands, God has His plan. Life will go on, business as usual…coronavirus will pass…Really people…Really…

Paul Schroer

New Ulm


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