Comment on Coronavirus Concern

To the editor:

On Tuesday, March 3, a letter to the editor in The Journal, entitled “Coronavirus Concern,” written by a woman from Byron, claimed President Trump is responsible for all kinds of budget cuts in the National Society Council of Global Health Security Unit. She also claims President Trump cut funding for 4 or 5 other Government Department of Health Agencies. None of these cuts are true. I did some research for a few days, in a short summary this is what I found.

President Trump is taking heat from Democrats for proposing budget cuts to the CDC and Prevention amid growing fears about a new coronavirus outbreak in the United States, but administration officials say CDC funding has steadily increased since Trump took office. The president introduced his fiscal year 2021 budget proposal on February 10, just 11 days after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak and a Public Health emergency of International concern. The spending plan included a 16% reduction in CDC funding from the 2020 spending levels Congress has intervened by passing spending bills with year-over-year increases for the CDC that Trump then signed into law. Every body got an increase and nobody was cut, all got the same amount of increase. END OF STORY.

She is a Dan Feehan supporter. She says the Congress person we have now is not representing the people in the first district, Dan Feehan would do a better job. I will discuss the candidates in the first district in a future LTE.

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Elderly gentleman from the Midwest, sticking to his guns and religion.

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm


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