Women in White

To the editor:

President Trump delivered a very powerful State of the Union address on Feb. 4. He stated the many accomplishments that are being implemented for the country in the past three years, one of them being more women in the workforce than ever before.

The women in the Democratic Party wore white, including Nancy Pelosi. Could it have been a symbol of a “white flag surrender?”

But they were not very patriotic, and did not stand to honor the many patriots in the gallery for their achievements in our country, nor did Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi tore up the speech from the State of the Union, presented to the House of Representatives. How petty!

Where will the Democrats go from here, after President Trump has been aquitted in the Senate Trial?

There is an old adage that to truly know someone you should look them in the eye. The eyes are the window of their souls. Try this with the Democrat lead council of the Trump Impeachment Trial, Adam Schiff!

Whatever happened to the Democratic Party? Back in the 1930s, my parents trusted them, up to 1973, when they endorsed abortion. That changed everything and the morals and family life have been destroyed as socialism is gradually taking over. Every Democratic candidate for the 2020 election has openly advocated for abortion and leans toward socialism.

However, not all Democrats agree with that philosophy! We hope and pray we will hear their voices in the 2020 elections and help repair the damage to morality in our family and in our country.

President Trump was the first president of the United States to ever attend the Pro-Life Rally in January. This president has appointed many pro-life judges, who will make common sense “Right to Life” decisions. President Trump is bringing prayer back in our schools and God back to our government and our hearts! In God We Trust!

Jan Platz

New Ulm


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