Never fogetting applies to many other victims

To the editor:

The Journal of Jan. 28th had an editorial on the Holocaust (“Keep history of Holocaust alive”), and the Journal of Jan. 29 had a long article on it, also on the editorial page (“The human face of the Holocaust”).

It does seem a little odd that the figure of six million is commonly viewed as fixed in stone when the once-accepted figure of four million deaths at Auschwitz has been reduced by two and a half million or more.

Also, let me ask how likely it is that a New York Times reporter today would deny the Holocaust, and then receive a Pulitzer Prize. Not likely at all, right? So how likely would it be that a New York Times reporter would deny mass slaughter, by starvation, of millions, in the Ukraine, and then receive a Pulitzer Prize? The answer should be the same, right? But this actually happened, as anyone can verify by doing a little research on Walter Duranty.

Never forgetting is a theme we would do well to apply also to the tens of millions of victims of communist dictatorships in the twentieth century. As it is, we see a Bernie Sanders staffer speaking as he recently did of the Gulag, and over half of our millennials favoring socialism or communism. A little catching up would seem to be in order.

R.E. Wehrwein

New Ulm