Supports Feehan in First District

To the editor:

I support Dan Feehan for US House of Representatives, MN District 1. Dan has the skills, experience and knowledge to represent our district effectively. He understands the needs of rural Minnesotans and will work hard to advance legislation that improves the lives of the citizens of the first district. He has demonstrated ability to collaborate in order to make change. His past leadership experience gives him the skills needed to work with Democrats and Republicans to develop legislation that will be acceptable to both sides. Compromise is necessary to make changes that will help us all.

As a physician in practice in rural Minnesota for 30 years, I have worries about our health care future. Having grown up on a family farm in Freeborn County, I understand how health care costs affect our farmers. Prescription drug prices continue to rise much faster than inflation. Insurance premiums and co-pays are difficult to afford. The number of people without insurance has increased. Economics and difficulty recruiting health care professionals has led to hospital closures. I believe these problems can be solved, but only with policies that help us all work together. I believe that Dan Feehan will best be able to enact laws that stabilize our health care system for the future.

Dan Feehan supports making Medicare available to individuals age 55 and older. He supports allowing individuals to buy Medicare insurance as an option. He understands the need to have options that work for all Americans. Dan Feehan will work to stabilize rural health care access. Dan Feehan will represent the needs of our district and work across the aisle to find solutions to the complex health care issues in our region.

Joan Krikava, MD

New Ulm


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