Bring back the stop signs

To the editor:

I live near the newly constructed roundabouts at the Highway 14-15 intersection. Prior to the construction, I would avoid coming home out of New Ulm on County Road 37. Even if I was at Hy-Vee, I would drive back through town on Broadway to go home on 15 so I would not have to turn west from 37 onto 14.

With the construction and the implementation of the all way stop signs at 37 and 14, I was elated. You still had to be careful of people not stopping, and once someone who did not stop even honked at me like I was in error for slowly starting out after stopping. But I still felt it was much safer.

I know no details of the accident at 37 and 14 that took the life of our New Ulm Medical Center family member Naomi, but I do know how extremely dangerous that intersection is. I was so disappointed when the signs went up that the all-way stop was being removed. I am back to driving all the way through New Ulm again when at Hy-Vee to avoid that intersection.

I really feel that eighter the all-way stop needs to come back, lights need to be installed, or another roundabout needs to be built to slow down traffic and save lives.

Lynette Holm

New Ulm