To the editor:

After months of dithering, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally allowed the House of Representatives to vote on President Trump’s trade deal with Canada and Mexico. It passed overwhelmingly and I just wanted to thank Rep. Jim Hagedorn for the crucial role he played in its passage.

Rep. Hagedorn was a ceaseless advocate for this trade deal. One didn’t have to spend much time listening to him to recognize how well he understood the agreement and its importance not just to farmers but for businesses and manufacturers.

While many politicians tested the political winds before supporting this critical agreement, Rep. Hagedorn spent the last year at county fairs, parades, town halls, Farm Fest and meetings with government officials, business leaders and farmers drumming up support for it.

It was refreshing, but not surprising, to hear him in his speech to Congress specifically reference the Hoffman dairy farm outside New Ulm, as one of the many beneficiaries of this trade deal. I attended the Farmers for Free Trade event held on the Hoffman farm last winter where I heard Rep. Hagedorn speak passionately about the need for this agreement to help generational dairy farmers like the Hoffman’s.

In an age when “made for TV” candidates who read scripts really well seem to be the most important attributes the political consulting class look for in candidates, Rep. Hagedorn, as befits his farm upbringing, is plain-spoken, honest and focused in his pursuit of policies that positively impact his constituents.

For that I thank you, Congressman Hagedorn. Your relentless, successful support of USMCA helped deliver a tremendous win for the farmers, businesses and people of southern Minnesota.

Perry Meyer

New Ulm


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