Is this what Indivisible calls accessibility?

To the editor:

Since the day after Rep. Jim Hagedorn was sworn into office almost 12 months ago, the hyper-partisan, hard-left activists of Indivisible have stalked, harassed and rudely berated him across the district and on social media on every conceivable topic. Two areas in particular to which they directed their ire was Rep. Hagedorn’s supposed lack of accessibility and not representing everyone.

So, it was with no small amount of irony that I watched the recent news report where lndivisible’s favorite Congressional candidate, Dan Feehan, held a “roundtable” on prescription drug prices. Funny, I didn’t get an invitation nor was this publicized through the media (which may explain why there was a total of 6 people in attendance, three of whom were Feehan staffers.)

So, let me see if I’m following th is: the candidate supported by the group berating Congressman Hagedorn for not being accessible and representing only a small slice of the electorate holds a “roundtable” no one knows about, has all of 3 people show up, and then passes it off as Dan “listening to the people.”

So sad. So phony. So typical.

Ronald Schmidt

North Mankato


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