USMCA is a Trojan horse

To the editor:

If the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) is so good for America, then why is the typical “fast track” authority being used, in that Congress has to support all of it as written, or reject the complete bill? Why are so many internationalists pushing this 1,800-plus page piece of legislation?

If we fail to stop this bill, then more of America’s sovereignty will be diluted due to rulings by international tribunals. The USMCA has been called “NAFTA on steroids,” and we know NAFTA ended up being a “giant sucking sound” like Ross Perot said, so what guarantee does the United States have that the USMCA will help restore our failing industrial sector?

With the apparent bipartisan support for this bill could we be witnessing what the late comedian George Carlin said: “Bipartisanship usually means a larger-than-normal deception is taking place.” This legislation is nothing more than the classical “bait and switch,” which we should not fall for.

Leo Lindquist



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