Impeach 45 attempts fail

To the editor:

The Democrats have been trying to impeach President Trump since the day after he was inaugrated in January 2017. Every time they think they’ve got a reason to impeach our President, they say “now we have him” and it blows up in their face! Here are just 3 reasons why they think “we have him”

The first is the Mueller report, no Russian collusion in the election and not enough evidence for obstruction. After 2-1/2 years and millions of dollars “now we have him” blew up in their face.

The second “now we have him” was the Presidents telephone call to the newly elected President of Ukraine. The Democrats thought they had a Quid Pro Quo and they thought they had the President on withholding aid money, which of course was not true. What was true was that President Trump wanted the President of Ukraine to investigate corruption in the Ukraine government. Another “now we have him” blew up in their face!

Number three, last week at the hearing, the Democrats had four Law Professors, three for the Democrats and only one for the Republicans which is unfair. The one law professor the Republicans had, Mr. Turley, the first thing he said was he didn’t vote for Trump, he voted for Hillary. The three witnesses for the Democrats they all wanted to impeach the President. The fourth one, Jonathan Turley said the whole process was unfair and said the Democrats should be careful to impeach and said there was not enough evidence and if the Democrats went ahead with impeachment they could be charged with obstruction of justice. He blew the three Democrats, so-called Law Professors out of the water! Another “now we have him” blew up in their faces. Now the Democrats want Mr. Turley fired and he is receiving death threats. The Democrats are writing up Articles for Impeachment to send to the Senate. This is also going to blow up in their faces.

Thats my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

Just one more comment on MAGASOTA, which is a grass roots, non-political, non affiliated with any party who want to make Minnesota RED for Freedom and Liberty and re-elect President Donald Trump. If you want more information, the web sites are below:



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