Listen, read, ask and think

To the editor:

While most of us are still enjoying Thanksgiving, some people just can’t let go of Hallowe’en. They continue to want to frighten folks with scary words like “socialist” and “communist” and “liberal” and the like. Never mind that their arguments are bereft of logic, their interest is to frighten people into making a decision that benefits the author, not one that may benefit those of us in the broader community.

The popular approach to intelligent discussion now seems to always involve some sophomoric attempt to frighten people, but most folks are not easily fooled. They recognize BS when they read or hear it. They know that scary words are only used to move folks to vote one way, those employing the language of fear aren’t interested in getting folks to listen, read, ask or think.

I’m not having any of it. I’ve heard both candidates for Congress and I believe what Dan Feehan is saying. I’ve read the biographies of both candidates and Feehan’s life of service moves me. I’ve asked both candidates questions and Dan has convinced me. I’ve thought about the candidates, their positions and their motivations and I’m not frightened by scary words. Dan Feehan will get my support in the next election.

Jim Grabowska

St. Clair


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