Thank you, Jim Hagedorn

To the editor:

I want to thank my Congressman, Jim Hagedorn, for his dedication in keeping in touch with his constituents. Far too often, politicians traipse off to Washington only to be swallowed up by the Beltway, never to be heard or seen again.

Thankfully, Rep. Hagedorn has chosen to not fall into that trap. If one looks on his Facebook page or follows the news, he comes back to our district every weekend and every recess to visit businesses, farms, manufacturing plants and schools. While other elected officials are off to who knows where, Hagedorn is in southern Minnesota continuing to talk with and learn about those he represents.

What really impresses me is that Rep. Hagedorn doesn’t just meet with those who are likely to agree with him; he meets with individuals and groups regardless of who they might support in an election.

He’s hosted numerous town halls, some in counties that probably haven’t had a Congressional town hall for many years, if ever. In fact, Hagedorn is in the process of holding 21 town halls, one in each of the First District’s 21-counties He is conducting himself professionally, despite the group of far left Indivisible activists who follow him to each event, heckling the Congressman and acting rude and disruptive.

I don’t expect to agree with my elected officials on every issue. What I do expect is for them to be accessible and care about their constituents. In my book, Jim Hagedorn is to be commended for doing both.

Stephannie Hueper



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