Dan Feehan’s sense of community

To the editor:

The election of 2020 is ramping up. It is important to research the candidates. Look at Dan Feehan. In 2018 he ran against Jim Hagedorn for Congress in Minnesota CD#1. Dan has entered the race for that very same office in the upcoming 2020 election. Why? He is a servant for others.

Dan served in the Army. He completed two combat tours in Iraq earning a Bronze Star. He was there when our military needed volunteers and put his life on the line. Stateside he was a public school teacher. Dan was dedicated to educating our children and improving their lives. Later, he worked for the Pentagon as an Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense, serving our country once again.

Dan will not take corporate PAC money. The Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court in 2010 allows unlimited election spending by corporations. This ruling fueled the rise of Super Pacs and led to an obscene amount of money being spent on our elections, among other problems. Ironically, Rep. Hagedorn is connected to the current, high profile investigation of campaign finance violations by accepting 1.7 million dollars of foreign money via the illegal maneuverings of the Ukrainians, Parnas and Fruman. In contrast, Dan is an advocate of the END Citizens United movement. Again, Dan will not accept corporate PAC money.

It’s been said that politics is about the improvement of people’s lives. Rep. Hagedorn’s sense of community is shown by a statement made at one of his town halls, “people who commit suicide go to hell.” Dan has shown his sense of community . Look at the history, rhetoric and the issues he stands for.

LuAnn Villwock

New Prague


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