Push Pelosi on USMCA

To the editor:

As farmers, we are tired of hearing Democratic politicians like Dean Phillips, Angie Craig and wanna-be Dan Feehan continually bemoan how concerned they are about the problems in “farm country”. They talk about how much they care, yet they refuse to support USMCA, the trade deal with Canada and Mexico, by far our biggest trading partners. The economic benefit of this agreement is HUGE to farmers like us.

We continue to hear these same politicos whining about trade wars, China and Congressman Hagedorn. Here’s a creative thought: instead of trying to score points to stay in the good graces of Nancy Pelosi, please communicate directly with the Speaker and demand she bring USMCA up for a vote. We are just plain tired of the Dems making excuses, shifting posture and blaming Republicans. They need to wake up and take responsibility for the agony that is moving across our state.

Don’t underestimate farmers. We are not that easily fooled. It’s obvious what’s really going on. By not moving forward with USMCA, the Democrats feel they’re keeping President Trump from scoring a “win” – and that makes getting a trade deal with China that much more difficult. It’s obvious that the Dems value political gamesmanship and the efforts to impeach the President much more than supporting their constituents, including struggling farmers.

I want everyone to realize that our 1st District Congressman Jim Hagedorn was the first elected official in Minnesota to support the USMCA. I laugh at every attempt to blame him for USMCA not being passed. It’s in the hands of Nancy Pelosi to move the vote forward. That’s where the Dems’ whining needs to be directed. The power is in her hands. Look in the mirror, accept the truth and tell her what she needs to do – that is, if you really care about the health of our farms and farmers, as well as the future of rural Minnesota.

Mary Bartz

Sleepy Eye