Feehan’s what we need in First District

To the editor:

It is not only reasonable but prudent if one thinks impeachment inquiry is needed but okay to not wish to discuss it further. That issue is being dealt with in D.C.

So what we want and need to know in District 1 is what is being done to help our farmers, what can be done about health care issues, how can we better support education, student college loans, what can we do to better support our veterans with PTSD, what can we do to save our companies in our district, what can we do to get corruption out of politics, what can we do humanely about immigration, gun laws with teeth, what can we do so our allies know they can again trust us, trade wars and many other important issues. These are items for discussion, not the impeachment inquiry at this point.

As for where monies come from for campaigns, what about the approximate $5M that came through America First with Levi Parmas and Igor Fruman to Minnesota for Hagedorn and Stauber? I’d rather a campaign got funding from U.S.A. than through Russian donations. What about the 2016 ads against Dan Feehan that were funded by PAC’s from east that even CNN picked as very bad, unfair, false and misleading ads?

As far as considering bills in congress what about McConnell saying with him as majority leader Democrat’s bills will be in the “graveyard” as he is the “grim reaper.”

I grew up on a farm in northern Minnesota many years ago so I don’t know much about farming these days, so I have made a point to talk to some farmers I know about Mexico-Canada Trade deal and haven’t found any that tell me they like it as is.

Dan Feehan is a man of integrity, class and honesty. Quite simply one of the finest young men I have had the privilege and honor to meet and get to know. Unlike our present congressman who was ” honored to be on stage” with a man giving a divisive profanity laden speech here in Minnesota!!

Darlene Nelson