What do we want in a water park?

To the editor:

New Ulm leaders have made many improvements to our city over many years. Turner hall, Johnson field, Vogel arena, hockey arena, our Schools. And now hopefully a water park. Does our city need a water park? We have Vogel Arena. But every city needs recreational facilities. They bring in people and business. so yes lets build that water park. Do we attach it to Vogel Arena? That would be nice but will we take away parking? And as long as we are building it let’s add the gymnastic center. That would eliminate the need for the rented building we now are using. Ok now let us design the building. Codes will require a certain number of toilets. We want water slides and a climbing wall. A multiuse pool and, yes, a swim meet type pool. We need toddler and children play areas. A kitchen area and someplace to sit and have a cup of coffee or juice. We need locker rooms for changing and lockers. We want an inviting building with huge glass windows and big luxurious entry. With a twenty foot high glass wall and big luxurious entries and hallways. Yes these cost money. So lets cut back on the locker room size and number of lockers. During swim lessons the kids just throw their clothes on the floor now anyway. (Maybe not enough lockers). Let’s cut back on locker room bench cost and instead of having six benches lets have two. People don’t need to sit and put on clothes and shoes. Let’s cut back on the number of showers. (People can drive home to shower). Let’s cut the depth of the diving area from the current recommended 8.5 feet now to 7.2 feet. (True swimmers know how to dive into the pool so as not to hit their heads.) And then we will have money to build a monument. A show place that will bring in more users and more business. We don’t know where they will put their winter coats when swimming. There could be hallway hooks I guess.

So please come Thursday the 24th from 5-9 p.m. or Friday from 5-9 a.m. You can see the current plans and offer suggestions on what we want and need. Hope to see you there.

Linda Brown

Russ Brown

(and 24 others)

New Ulm