Dan Feehan for Congress in 2020

To the editor:

As I look at the partisanship and incivility dividing America, I feel a sense of relief when I consider our choice in electing a Congressperson to represent us in southern Minnesota in 2020.

Over the past two years I’ve been lucky to get to know Dan Feehan. Dan’s dedication and devotion to America and its people is apparent from his record of service. When he saw the Pentagon burning on September 11 as a college student, Dan enlisted in the US Army ROTC. On graduation, he completed two tours in Iraq as an Army Officer and was awarded the Bronze Star, the Army Commendation Medal with Valor, and the Ranger Tab. His service continued when he taught middle school math in under-served communities. After this, Dan served veterans as an Assistant Defense Secretary. At the Pentagon, he worked to ensure that our returning veterans were prepared for the transition to civilian life.

I’ve met many candidates for public office over the years, and Dan is among the most qualified candidates I’ve ever seen. As election day approaches, there is no doubt that outside money and attack ads will flow into our communities. Despite this, Dan will remain steadfast in advocating for the best interests of southern Minnesotans. He stared down the enemy in Iraq; he won’t be intimidated by the dark forces in our politics. Moreover, Dan won’t favor the wealthy and well-connected; he’ll favor you and me. His experience, compassion and integrity would serve us well in Congress.

Next November, let’s elect a Congressperson who has spent his entire adult life in service to our nation. Let’s elect Dan Feehan to Congress.

Daniel Henschel-Levin

North Mankato


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