Bob Lenz bringing important message

To the editor,

Next week, on Wednesday, Oct. 23, Bob Lenz, who speaks to half a million people each year in public school assembly programs, will meet with the youth in our area.

He and his team, including AJ the Animated Illusionist (as the opening act to engage the audience), will explore issues like bullying, self-harm, suicide, and substance abuse while using Bob’s unique gift of humor.

Mr. Lenz’ public school assembly programs have been consistently rated among the best in the nation by school administrators, teachers, parents, and most importantly, students. His intense passion to instill hope in youth allows him to connect with their hearts and minds sharing experiences that help them deal with real life while challenging them to make a positive difference in their world.

He will share his powerful Dignity Revolution message, a K-12 comprehensive, educational program that provides cultural change in schools and entire communities to improve overall academic learning. His mission is to educate and empower youth to stand up for the value of every person.

In the morning on Oct. 23, Mr. Lenz will speak to the students at New Ulm Public High School. Later that same day, Mr. Lenz will speak to the students at New Ulm Middle School.

Everyone is invited to the evening program at 7 p.m. at the New Ulm Middle School Gym.

Free pizza will be served at the evening program!

Bob Lenz’ message is so important! Please plan to attend on Wednesday evening on Oct. 23.

This information was taken from the poster put out by Bob Lenz and the Dignity Revolution.

Germaine Rysdahl

New Ulm


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