Memories of George’s and the music

To the editor:

I and a whole lot of people are very sad to see George’s Ballroom is to be torn down. It was the place to go with friends and for dancing the night away.

When I was 18, I broke my lef, but went to George’s anyway. Eddie Sheets was playing. He autographed my cast. That was my prized possession!

I don’t dance anymore, but it;s great to listen to the bands. Johnny Helget, Bock Fest Boys, Dain’s Dutchmen, Alpensterne. I especially liked them because my mother could yodel.

The are so many great bands, and there are so many great celebrations. It’s fun to go to them.

I want to thank all the people who play in the bands and help put on the celebrations.

I enjoy living in New Ulm. I think it is a wonderful town.

Marion Anderson

New Ulm