Celebrating Public Power Week

To the editor:

Forty-nine million Americans receive electricity from a locally owned, non-profit utility owned and operated by the customers it serves.

If you live in New Ulm, you are one of those 49 million. New Ulm’s municipal electric utility is one of more than 2,000 public power utilities across the country.

Heartland is proud to provide wholesale power to New Ulm. Living in a community where you are served by a public power utility offers distinct advantages. As we celebrate Public Power Week Oct. 6-12, I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of those with you.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is the ability to have a voice in the utility’s operations. Business is conducted in open meetings where the public can voice their opinions and ask questions.

The utility is governed locally, by officials who live in the community and are elected by the people they serve.

Public power employees put the people of New Ulm first, providing safe and reliable service and taking pride in serving their friends and neighbors.

If you see one of your dedicated, hard-working, local utility employees during Public Power Week or anytime, I encourage you to thank them for everything they do for your community.

Heartland also partners with New Ulm to offer several programs to benefit you including economic development incentives. We look forward to a long a successful relationship with New Ulm and working together to provide you the best service possible.

Russell Olson, CEO

Heartland Consumers

Power District


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