Two days in the dark as a matter of principle

To the editor:

I’m delinquent on my utility bill. Sept. 24 is disconnectin day.

I’ve spoken to everyone at the city level to explain that I have overextended myself and have now secured a part-time job in addition to my full-time job to remedy the situation.

I need two more days to pay my bill in full.

My concern is the city’s response to my request: “You need to appy for energy assistance or one of the many subsidies the county/state has to offer.” Period!

I am able-bodied and will work to pay my own way, thank you. I accept full responsibility for the mismanagement of my funds. However, I do not need nor want assistance.

What I would have appreciated was two days.

New resident and homeowner,

Barbara LaGow

New Ulm


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