New Ulm doesn’t quite pass inspection

To the editor:

While walking and driving around New Ulm, these are some observations:

• The city did a widespread sidewalk inspection last spring and you could see hundreds of walks marked with red paint as needing repairs or replacement. That was very evident this summer with homeowners or contractors busy with sidewalk repairs. There were a few “lips” not marked and it would be nice if property owners fixed them without a mandate. A grinder works on some minor lips while others as deep as two inches need a slab replaced. The repairs have helped walkers and stroller-pushers.

• Most property owners have done a good job on lawn care, but there are some that have grass and weeds close to a foot tall. This is especially true on Broadway with a number of boulevards rather shabby-looking.

• A lot of sidewalks have weeds growing in the slab cracks. These weeds could give you quite a jar when shoveling snow later…

• A number of properties with large wooded acreage are showing buckthorn. The city parks have been cleaned of buckthorn (thanks to volunteers). It behooves property owners to do their part in buckthorn removal. In my walks, I have observed much buckthorn on both sides of the hillside up Oak Street.

Don Brand

New Ulm

Retired buckthorn volunteer


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