A thank-you to all contributors

To the editor:

The Viet Nam Vets of Brown County summoned a welcome home gathering 20 Jul 2019. The vets who ran into the storm, found a banquet. The food was delicious, sharing was real, location was good and a request for again next year closed the day. Recent vets who moved into the area have also sought inclusion.

A hearty thank-you to all who contributed food and service: Matt Heath, Butch Sellner, Christensen Farms. Cashwise Foods, Hy-Vee NU, Springfield Market, Schutz Family Foods, Runnings, Walmart, Arneson Distributing, Kwik Trip, Holiday Station, Casey’s SE & NU, MRCI, MVAC, and Treasure House Thrift.

Many donors enforce a real Welcome Home.

Viet Nam Vets

of Brown Co.

John Kolbe

Sleepy Eye