Man’s microscopic CO2 not a problem

To the editor:

The July 30 letter, ‘Time to act now to save the environment’, said: “The amount of carbon dioxide being released is adding to the already high level of CO2 in the atmosphere which is leading to a warmer planet.”

Question: Is Earth’s temperature going up because the CO2 level is going up? Or is CO2 going up because the Earth’s temperature is going up? The answer is obvious – rising water temperature will drive out dissolved CO2 at a higher rate into the atmosphere and also increase the greenhouse gas effect by adding more water vapor.

We’ve got 40,000 miles of heat-belching, CO2-emitting, mid-ocean volcanic mountain ranges where in some places the water is over 700 degrees, and we only “real time” monitor a tiny fraction of it.

You can’t control global climate by making reductions in man-made carbon dioxide. In 2010, Michael Bloomberg donated $50 million to Sierra Club; they put together a team of some 200 lawyers and activists and played a major role in shutting down about 200 coal fired power plants.

The result? CO2 is still rising; and no effect on climate temperature.

So now what? Bloomberg is initiating a $500 million effort to stop construction of natural gas-fired power plants. Another totally worthless project for controlling climate.

With all that money flying around, is it any wonder environmentalists keep feeding us their baseless propaganda?

What I have noticed for over a decade of dealing with them is their inability to come up with a good explanation of how man’s tiny 3.2% share of the total global atmospheric CO2 budget is supposed to push global temperatures into a “Thermageddon” scenario. And they ignore water vapor, which has a far bigger greenhouse gas effect than man-made CO2 and varies widely across the globe on a daily basis.

The $500 million could be better spent on monitoring the mid-ocean volcanic chain instead of pointlessly trying to reduce man’s microscopic injections of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Phil Drietz