Hagedorn unresponsive to constituents

To the editor:

Members of Congress have a responsibility to listen to their constituents and a duty to be accountable to those they were elected to represent. Congressman Jim Hagedorn has not demonstrated either of these.

On July 14th, Donald Trump tweeted a series of overtly racist statements. On July 15th and for each of the following 7 business days, I called Rep. Hagedorn’s DC office to ask his reaction to these racist statements. I was told by his staff he had not released a statement but they took my contact info and said someone would get back to me — I never received a response. I also attempted to ask this question via Twitter, Facebook and the message feature on his website — all with no response.

This is not a difficult or complicated question. Rep. Hagedorn’s inability or unwillingness to respond to the question of a constituent is further evidence of his disconnection from the people in his district; I have higher expectations for my elected officials.

Liz Boldon