The Obstructionists

To the editor:

If you’ve been reading The Journal articles and Letters to the Editor, you’ve noticed that the liberal Obstructionists have been hard at work.

A recent letter to the editor attacks Congressman Jim Hagedorn because the administration is moving the US Department of Agriculture research center out of the isolated bubble of Washington DC to the center of agricultural production in the Midwest, Kansas City.

What makes more sense than to take agricultural research out of the DC metropolis to a place where agriculture exists, to a place where you can see farms, and researchers may even be able to talk to a farmer?

I’ve studied science from my early days in grade school to the present time. In college I studied agricultural science and became a veterinarian. I am often dismayed to see what some people call science. When you look at it, you find that it is “junk science” and just political opinion. It’s time that USDA conduct real research in real America.

The Obstructionists have been busy blocking Congressman Hagedorn’s Mankato office and the surrounding businesses, even causing the landlord to call police so the other businesses could operate. Hagedorn’s staff has met with the protesters about 20 times but it is never enough for them.

It seems that the Obstructionists want to interfere with normal constituent services. They deem themselves more important than the other 700,000 citizens in the district.

I’m glad to see Congressman Hagedorn spend so much time meeting with constituents, be it in-person town halls, conference call town halls, talking to people in parades and other events.

That’s a huge contrast to his predecessor, Tim Walz, who didn’t have a single town hall meeting his last six years as congressman.

I’m tired of those that demonize anyone with conservative philosophies, may support the President or just have different ideas than their own.

It’s time to stop this hate speech and work with our elected officials to make government better.

Greg Bartz DVM

Sleepy Eye