Disrespect for anthem marred soccer game

To the editor:

Although not a big soccer fan I watched the USA women’s team in the Soccer World Cup played in France. The team was successful on the pitch. They competed hard and won.

I was disappointed, however, that one member of our team — a captain I believe — refused to fully participate with the team in our national anthem prior to games. That demonstration seemed peculiar compared with how players representing other nations handled the situation when their countries’ national anthem was played.

The rationalization the player gave was that she was protesting President Trump. The Star Spangled Banner i.e. national anthem, is not about any individual. Listen to the words.

What’s next in this crazy contemporary world of misguided absurdities; a high school athlete refusing to stand for the school song in protest of the principal?

My view is participants representing our country in international sporting competition should not use it as a platform to make political statements. On game day be apolitical. Just play the game. That’s why we watch.

Bob Jentges

North Mankato


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