Hwy 14 expansion

To the editor:

There are many reasons to support the improvement of Hy. 14 from Nicollet to New Ulm to four-lane status:

1. This stretch of Hy. 14 has a notorious bad safety record because of all the serious accidents and heavy traffic.

2. The road is in poor condition and MNDOT is patching it often.

3. New Ulm is the largest city in Minnesota without direct connection to a four-lane highway.

4. There are around 1,000 semi trucks operating out of New Ulm…and this not include some big firms that have their own trucks coming to New Ulm, such as Walmart and Menards.

5. New Ulm has some large manufacturing plants that require many semis to service their businesses, such as 3M, Kraft, Firminich, etc. There are many smaller firms that require trucking also.

New Ulm is long overdue to get a four-lane highway access.

Don Brand

New Ulm