Loves the history pages

To the editor:

Just wanted to comment how much I enjoy the “News from 50 Years Ago and 100 Years Ago” articles that are published each Saturday in The Journal. As someone born and raised in New Ulm, one never knows what gems one might come across.

For instance, at the very end of this past week’s article from June 12, 1969, concerning Donations to the Way of the Cross, I noticed memorials given in my sister, Sister M. Lorraine’s name by various friends of my parents. She had just passed away at age 28 of a brain aneurysm on May 31 of that year.

And a few weeks ago, there was an article from “News of 100 Years Ago”, that mentioned my grandfather, Otto F. Oswald, being welcomed as the newest member of the city council. He would have been in his early 30’s at the time.

Am sure there are many others who share my appreciation for this section of The Journal and look forward each Saturday to reading these articles from yesteryear.

Katie (Oswald) Scheurer