Give Hagedorn time to hold public meetings

To the editor:

To those criticizing Congressman Hagedorn for dodging people and not being willing to discuss issues: if anyone in southern Minnesota didn’t see or talk with him before he was elected it was because they apparently didn’t attend a parade, county fair or major town event for 5 years.

Recently, he announced he would hold town hall events in every county in the District over the next year starting June 1st. Here we are, less than three weeks into it and apparently we have folks who have decided he’s breaking that promise.


It’s been three weeks, for heaven sakes. He went to Martin County and held a town hall right after he announced his tour. A few days ago he asked for input from Nicollet County residents by phone. Apparently, that isn’t considered listening to his constituents.

Personally, I commend the Congressman for coming up with a format which allows people who for whatever reason (age, health, transportation issues) can’t physically make it to a town hall. Too often these people get overlooked by politicians.

And for all those who seem to find fault with everything Rep. Hagedorn does, you might have more credibility if you waited a little longer than 2 weeks to determine if he’s going to keep a year-long pledge.

Leroy Vetsch