Veterans organizations need your membership

To the editor:

Now that Memorial Day and the D-day events are over looking over the past few years I think of all those I have served with and also those that I have come to know after I left the service. I have found a great group of people that I can spend some time with and go over the old times. These people I know I can say are my best friends. I would have not gotten to know any of them if I had not joined a Veterans organization.

After a few years I ended up joining several. Needless to say I have my share of war stories and continue enjoying and listening to those who served this country. I bring this all to you today because there is a shrinking number of members in all the organizations. This is due to the members from the older conflicts who have since passed.

The organization help support local causes and also fight the battle at the state capital and in Washington D.C. We need these organization to stay strong. That way is by membership. If you have not joined a veterans organization and you have served this great nation, please consider joining.

Our main organizations in New Ulm are the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), The American Legion, and the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Thank you!

Lyle Zobel

Past VFW Commander

New Ulm


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