Let’s get it straight!

To the editor:

It was with great disappointment I read the Journal editorial regarding Congressman Hagedorn’s comment in Worthington about hunger in America.

Except if you read the story in the Globe, and the subsequent corrections, it’s clear he wasn’t talking about hunger at all, but about the incredible abundance of food we are privileged to have in our country. Those are two totally different topics and it was disingenuous of you to treat them as if they aren’t.

But what disappoints me even more than you choosing to write an editorial where you either didn’t do your homework or purposely chose to ignore relevant facts, was the insulting, condescending tone you took toward an elected federal representative. That was truly uncalled for and wouldn’t be acceptable even if you had quoted him fairly. You are better than that!

That’s why “Do Research Before Writing Editorial” is such good advice.

Mary Bartz

Sleepy Eye