Farmers need real free trade, not aid

To the editor:

Congressman Hagedorn was quoted in The Journal April 26 as saying he’s a promoter of Minnesota agriculture, but when you look at the conditions on the ground it’s a different and bleak picture.

As a result of the Trump administration’s 25% ag tariffs, farmers have taken a hit in sales of beans, corn and pork. The cost of equipment and infrastructure has risen 20% due to tariffs on steel on top of three years of profits in the trough. He says he’s only for North American trade, but China, a larger market share, now is building infrastructure in Brazil and buying commodities there, which could make the market move permanently in that direction.

The $12 billion aid package last year will never cover the loss of markets and is sketchy as to who benefits. Mr. Hagedorn, farmers need real free trade, not aid!

Beverly Pillers

St. Peter