Trump’s success is undeniable

To the editor:

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received a few requests to write another letter to the editor. Thanks to Steve Grossmann, my enthusiasm has peaked again!

I read with interest “The art of the con – Trump edition” in The Journal, April 28. It’s interesting that, after 2-½ years of a Trump presidency, the only complaint he has is “After seeing the success of ‘Build the wall, Mexico will pay for it’ who can blame anyone for thinking big?”

ARE YOU SERIOUS? Mr. Grossmann, can you admit to ANY of President Trump’s successes? I could list them all but I doubt you would agree they were successes. Or, you would give President Obama credit for them. ABSOLUTELY LAUGHABLE! President Obama predicted our country would crash and burn under a Trump presidency! With a year and a half left in his first term, I think we’re doing pretty well!

Let’s see what the other side has to offer. Green New Deal, late term (including full birth) abortion, free health care for everyone, forgive all college debt, provide free college for all, open borders, continuous and unlimited impeachment investi- gations, etc, etc. I don’t believe these promises have anything to do with “imitation” or “flattery.” It has more to do with “revenge” and “desperation.” I’m sure there are a lot of Independents or left-of-center Democrats that aren’t thrilled with that party platform!

It should be noted that most of President Trump’s successes were accomplished with LIMITED control of the House and a lack of a 60-vote majority in the Senate. I believe WE can change that by giving him a mandate to move ahead with his remaining promises. WE need to vote him in for a second term as president. WE need to put more Conservatives into the House to regain control. And finally, WE need to give him at least 60 Conservative votes in the Senate.

Tony Miller

New Ulm