The art of the con — Trump edition

To the editor:

The opening paragraph from The Journals 4/26 editorial:

“Con artists succeed primarily by convincing their victims that riches can be had with little or no investment or risk. So do some politicians.”

I could not believe the Journal either did not note, or did not remember, that in many cases a con artist and a politician may be be one and the same. In the words of the late great Rod Sterling, “submitted for your approval” one Donald J. Trump!

The Journal closes its Op Ed with the contention that, “Warren and the others promising us the moon and stars are operating as classic con artists. They must take Americans for suckers.”

While one could debate the validity of each and every one of those celestial promises, there is possibly an alternative reason for Warren and others promising us the heavens. Flattery!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! That old saw has been around forever. In light of the happenings of the last two plus years, why wouldn’t politicians make absurd promises. After seeing the success of “Build the Wall, Mexico will pay for it,” who can blame anyone for thinking big. Why simply promise two chickens in every pot, when you can promise two ostriches in a Weber grill. Especially since Mexico is going to pay for the ostriches, and the grill.

Steve Grossmann



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