Trump/Hagedorn health plan — nothing

To the editor:

President Trump and his minions such as Congressman Jim Hagedorn want to destroy critical health insurance reforms, but have no replacement plan. Republicans failed repeatedly to repeal the Affordable Care Act. In July 2017 Senator McCain and others voted against repeal because there was no replacement plan. In December 2018 the Republican tax law repealed the penalty for not buying health insurance, but left the other reforms in place.

Now Trump and Republican governors are suing hoping to get the Supreme Court to strike down the Affordable Care Act. They claim that repeal of the penalty invalidates the entire law. If this happens, millions will lose health insurance and people with pre-existing conditions could be denied coverage. Don’t worry says the president: “we’re working on a plan now. There’s no great rush.” He promises “a really great plan…something really spectacular.” (abc news 3/28/19)

Jim Hagedorn’s replacement plan is the same as Trump’s: Nothing. In March 2017 Jim Hagedorn advocated a “one page bill” to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Then, in Trump style, he criticized Democrats because they “never proposed detailed legislation” for what would come after repeal. (https://www.jimhagedorn.org/comm_a_path_forward_on_health_care_legislation) “My goal in Congress is to partner with President Trump,” said Hagedorn when Trump visited Rochester in September 2018. In his October 31, 2018 TV ad Hagedorn said “I’m running for Congress to protect your health care.” So what is the protection plan of Trump’s partner Hagedorn? Nothing! Check out his congressional website. There is nothing there. (https://hagedorn.house.gov/issues/health)

Joseph Kunkel

North Mankato


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