Common sense comment on climate

To the editor:

Finally, a common sense voice in your paper this morning that probably goes unread in favor of left and right wing extremes (the Green New Deal and the fake National Border Emergency). Mona Charen’s “If you’re serious about climate…” lays out the case for consideration of our Real emergency, where do we get the electric energy to support our explosive growth without frying our atmosphere? She points out that “sobering realities” of climate change “dictate that we keep an open mind about all of the tools in the emissions reduction toolbox — even ones that are not our personal favorites.” In other words, they don’t like nuclear power, but they concede that it is necessary.

There seems to be a growing consensus that climate change is real and that man (that’s us) has a hand in the negative consequences. She suggests, “If we were committed to mitigating what we claim to believe is a looming catastrophe, you might imagine we would study the question for at least a few minutes, even swallow hard and make some tough choices about the way forward.” Duh, too middle of the road, not enough passion, too much common sense?

I, for one, am looking for leaders to lead on practical policies that address real life issues effecting me today and future generations. Not just stamping their feet and demanding that the entire U.S. economy be transformed in 10 years. Evaluate the trade-offs. If you’re “serious about climate change” and have any concern about it’s looming effects I encourage you to heed Charen’s suggestions as you listen to politicians vie for your vote!

Roger Ryberg

New Ulm