Isn’t abortion deplorable too?

To the editor:

My wife Rachel and I are native to New Ulm. We acknowledge with deep appreciation the moral and work ethic we received from our parents and the community.

We agree with your Jan. 30 editorial comment that “There should be no room for that (racism) in America, or in New Ulm.”

However, we do have some comments/questions for you and your readers. If writing a letter to someone that includes racist comments is “deplorable” as you stated, what do you call the killing of infants at any time of pregnancy?

Have you received comments or letters from concerned individuals that express concern or outrage or anger over the infanticide of American youth? Has anyone brought to your attention that our almost identical attitudes towards the weak/dependent/unborn were present in 1930’s-1940’s Germany? Have any religious leaders that profess life beginning at conception encouraged you or others to educate their faithful to become more actively involved in our democracy?

We fear the answer is probably NO to all of the above.

May God have mercy on us. That is the message we hope this letter conveys. Please take the time to pray that God will give us leaders in our government and churches that will restore our respect for life from conception to old age and honor our religious heritage.

Jon and Rachel


Redwood Falls