I Love to Read month

To the editor:

For many years, February has been promoted as “I Love to Read” month in Minnesota. As a teacher and librarian for 43 years, I always felt it was very important to promote “the love of reading” not only in February, but throughout the year.

If you have young children, please don’t miss out on a wonderful opportunity to quietly end your day, cuddled together, and reading a book or more together. It is a quiet, relaxing, loving, and memorable way to end the day. It’s also a great way to spend some of these frigid days snuggled together. It is a special experience your children will remember forever, and you’ll always remember your children saying, “Read it again. Read one more. Read another chapter.”

Not only do parents need to read to children, but teachers need to have pride in taking time and not feel guilty in the classroom to read to their students. With the increased amount of time spent testing and collecting data, students still need to hear the expression and inflection of a read-aloud, the rich collection of vocabulary, and be allowed to imagine traveling to places they personally may never see.

The best way for our young children to LOVE reading is to be read to by parents, grandparents, daycare providers, and teachers. They need to be checking out books from the school libraries and the public library that they enjoy and can find success in reading. Please help promote the “love” of reading every day!

Marion Klimmek

New Ulm