The REAL ‘Big Swede’ wishes to clarify

To the editor:

Letters to the editors have their time and place.

It empowers free speech in a vast, blank space.

I support it, the paper, and all that care to write,

But when they use a name like yours; it creates such a plight.

I am known as “The Big Swede,” yes I am.

However, writing that letter is like saying I wrote “Green Eggs and Ham.”

A moniker is shared and that is all,

For my political stance is really quite small.

I care more for people, small business, my family and friends, you see,

And apparently there is another “Big Swede” out there just like me.

So, for the record and to Mr. Tony Miller that received that letter,

I have instead a handshake, smile, God Bless to extend — which is so much better.

Please know I hope to be excluded from any further confusions,

Now to the fake Big Swede, I say leave me out of your illusions.

Thank you,

The real “BIG SWEDE” from Sanborn

(aka Bruce Benson, Swede’s Portable

Buildings, Sanborn)