Thank you, ‘Big Swede’

Thank you, ‘Big Swede’

To the editor:

I’d like to send a special thank you to “Big Swede” for sending me your letter. It is the first “negative” letter I’ve ever received regarding my letters to the editor. Unfortunately, you called me an idiot for supporting President Trump but you didn’t provide any facts. Just opinions.

Based on some of your comments, I assume you are a liberal Hillary supporter or Trump hater. You commented about ” the wall” and said (exact words) “He has the last two years with The House and Senate REPUBLICAN and they have done nothing but argue.”

My response, you’re right! The (Republicans) have had control of Congress for two years. I personally don’t believe all Republicans are Trump supporters! That’s why I consider myself a Conservative, not a Republican.

Since my last letter referred to “the wall,” I’ll respond to your comment about shutting down the government. I have no problem shutting down the “non-essential” government if it means getting the President, Senate and House leaders to meet and work out a solution on border security and the wall! THE MEETINGS SHOULD CONTINUE UNTIL IT’S RESOLVED!

I’ll provide some additional facts.

• You should research comments regarding “the wall” from Senator Shumer, President (then Senator) Obama and other Democrats in 2006. The best way is to “google” it. You need a computer and the Internet for that!

• President Obama had a chance to fix the illegal immigration problem during his first term in 2009. He had a Democrat controlled Congress. He had 59 Democrats in the Senate. Not enough for a majority of 60. Senator Harry Reid added the “Nuclear option” to push through liberal legislation. President Obama had the best chance to address the illegal immigration problem then. Why was nothing done?

In 2017, President Trump had only 51 Republican Senators. As I said before, not all Republicans are Trump supporters. Not a single Democrat supported President Trump! Now the Republicans have lost the House as well. That certainly won’t make it any easier.

• I disagree with you about President Trump’s accomplishments. I’d love to send you a list of his “promises kept”, but you didn’t include a return address with your letter. The House Republicans have pushed lots of legislation through to the Senate. Senate Republicans dropped the ball and again, Senate Democrats provided no help at all.

I would love to debate these issues with you but I’m afraid nothing would be accomplished. I would still be a Trump supporter and you would still be a Trump hater! Also, the tone of your letter leads me to believe I should be concerned for my safety.

Apparently you have the courage to send an anonymous letter riddled with opinions and expletives with no facts to back them up. Maybe you should try to send a letter to the editor.

Here are some suggestions if you decide to send a letter to the editor.

• Don’t use expletives. They don’t prove your point and it makes you look childish. Besides, the paper won’t print them!

• Make sure you include your given name and city. “Big Swede” doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t use your real name and location. I know of two people with that name and both would have written a better letter!

• Get someone to proof read your letter. See the above bullet.

• Make sure you have the courage to share your opinions with fellow readers.

I won’t end my letter with the two word, seven-letter expletive you used. I’ll simply say God Bless You and I hope you have a Safe and Happy New Year!

Tony Miller

New Ulm