Get serious about border security

To the editor:

Anyone getting tired of CNN, MSNBC, The AP, etc. complaining about “President Trump’s shutdown”? I’m tired of the complaining by the media and Democrats, but I’m not tired of the shutdown. Seems to me the sun is still rising in the East and setting in the West. This country doesn’t need Federal bureaucrats as much as they need us. I hope that just once, when the Federal government finally does re-open for business, Congress has the courage to not pay all the Federal employees back pay (even though they weren’t working).

How long do you think it will take all our fine US citizens who never paid federal income tax, but are claiming their “refunds,” to realize their check isn’t coming until the IRS can print their free money? How long will it take for the Democrats to realize they can’t proceed with their inevitable impeachment proceedings (otherwise known as The Witch Hunt), until they reopen the government. Building the Wall will cost FAR less than all the social programs for illegal immigrants are already costing us.

Anyone remember the last time we went through all this when Congress came up with the “Green Card” concept some 30 years ago? We had 3 million illegals in the US back then, now it’s 11 million. We couldn’t bring ourselves to deport the illegals then, and we still can’t bring ourselves to deport illegals to this day (and even have Democrat run Sanctuary Cities). The compromise that was worked out back then was fair, as far as it went. Illegals that were here then, got their “Green Cards,” and are still here today. There’s just one problem with that compromise. We never followed through with part two of that deal — keeping future illegals out.

The wall might not be perfect, but it will at least be a start to finishing the work that was left undone. It’s about time we got serious about border security. BUILD THE WALL! Altogether now, BUILD THE WALL!

Paul Platz