Trump, the Wall and CO2

To the editor,

In response to Tony Miller’s letter regarding President Trump: It takes a lot of courage to admit you think Trump is doing a good job. He is not perfect, but I too think he is making good history as the president of the United States. If all the effort to bring him down were put into positive efforts, what good could we do as a nation? Millions of dollars have been spent trying to find legitimate evidence regarding a colluded relationship with Russia. Everyone agrees Russia interfered with our elections, but the United States has a history of election meddling as well. Trump is trying to maintain a workable relationship with the leaders of other countries, including Russia. We should pray for all of them. (By the way, I feel bad about Michael Flynn. It seems he is a good guy who hastily misled questioners who were looking for a rope to hang him soon after his appointment.) Let’s hearten our leaders of every party; their jobs are difficult and they need our encouragement.

Regarding the WALL: I have a driveway up to my house. This welcomes my friends (as well as people I don’t know) and helps them find an easy route to visit me. Without the obvious path to the house, it would be difficult for them to get to me because they would have to cross over yards, duck under trees, and pass around bushes.

Do you think it would be easier for our southern neighbors to come to the United States, if there were certain points along a wall on the border (like a driveway) where they could be welcomed and aided in their quest to become U.S. citizens? There is no question that we need more people here. “Help Needed” signs are ubiquitous. Additional workers are essential to our country’s economy because there are so many jobs United States citizens don’t care to do. Immigrants, like our ancestors, are willing to do the work and make a new life here. Citizenship for immigrants benefits both them and our country. Plus, it would be fun to decorate the Wall. What a huge canvas for graffiti artists, masterpiece painters, signature signers, and kids’ art! 

In response to Phil Drietz’s letter regarding CO2: According to world census predictions, there will be 9 billion people on the planet in 2050. In order to feed everyone, we will need the Siberian tundra to thaw into arable land. Sounds like there will be enough CO2 to feed all those CO2-loving plants!

Germaine Rysdahl

New Ulm