Trump White House beats Obama’s

To the editor:

First of all, I’d like to thank all the people that called and/or wrote to me in support of my last letter the editor! I really appreciate the overwhelming support!

After reading the Thumbs Up/Down section in The Journal, December 15th, I felt I had to respond again.

Regarding the article “Walz Stays Home”, one comment caught my eye. It read as follows: “… any attempt to build a ‘productive working relationship’ with this dysfunctional White House is a waste of time.”

Here is how I choose to respond. If eight years of the Obama administration is considered a “functional” White House, I’ll take a “dysfunctional” one any time! President Donald Trump is on a roll with his “promises kept”. I’m praying it continues!

Unfortunately, I’m afraid the Democrat controlled House of Representatives, with their promise of endless investigations, will bring us nothing more than 2 years of a BOTTOMLESS MONEY PIT! That means the “dysfunctional” House of Representatives will probably succeed in putting an end to President Trump’s “promises kept”! So much for getting THE WALL built on our southern border. That’s probably an issue for another letter, some other time.

By the way, regarding the rest of the article “Walz Stays Home”, since Governor-elect Walz came from that very same “dysfunctional” House of Representatives, it doesn’t surprise me he decided not to meet with President Trump. I guess he’s just another liberal leftist that can’t accept the fact we voted for Donald Trump as president. Get Over It!

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Tony Miller

New Ulm