Mack for City Council

To the editor:

Please remember to vote on Nov. h and when you vote remember to vote Mack for 4th ward councilor. I have had the pleasure of serving on volunteer boards in New Ulm with Larry and was always impressed with the passion he has for all things that benefit the city. He is a 6th generation New Ulm resident and I feel that is what generates his passion for building a stronger more vibrant New Ulm. He still has that same immigrant desire his great, great, great grandfather had when he arrived in New Ulm. He wanted the city to grow and prosper, the very same things Larry wants for New Ulm today. I have witnessed the time, energy and money Larry donated anonymously for the betterment of the city. That so impressed me, he wanted no personal recognition, he simply did it to help. The residents of New Ulm who are lucky enough to be represented by Larry could not find a better voice for them in city hall. He is a strong, independent, dedicated councilor who wants nothing more than to represent the people of his ward and do what is best for New Ulm.

David G. Kading

Former 4th ward resident

Plymouth, MN