NU Police Sergeant supports Seidl

To the editor:

As a fellow community member and law enforcement officer, I am proud to support Chief Deputy Jason Seidl to be elected our next Brown County Sheriff. I have been a law enforcement officer for 25-½ years, 22-½ of those years working at the New Ulm Police Department.

Jason Seidl has worked for the Brown County Sheriff’s Department for 24 years, with the last 12 years serving as Chief Deputy. As Chief Deputy, Jason has been directly involved in developing and implementing the strategies that the Sheriff’s Office has used to promote public safety and maximize efficiencies for Brown County. Jason possesses in-depth knowledge and has practical working relationships with other county departments. Jason also has played a key role in implementing the budget, overseeing personnel issues, and acquiring equipment that has increased staff efficiencies. The Brown County Sheriff’s office has been very supportive of the BLRR Emergency Response Unit, helping fund the purchase of much needed equipment. Jason has committed himself to building a positive, professional image of law enforcement in our communities.

Knowing Jason on a personal level, I have witnessed his devotion to his wife Jolene and kids. He is also active in the community and has coached my son in baseball and hockey. He always kept a respectful and positive atmosphere, with high morale while coaching the kids. These traits speak volumes for his character and translate well when managing a department.

Experience matters, vote for Jason Seidl, the best qualified candidate for Brown County Sheriff.

Sergeant Steve Depew

New Ulm