Hohensee asks for your vote

To the editor:

I am Jeff Hohensee and I am running for Brown County Sheriff. I would like to thank my family and dedicated volunteers for all their patience, understanding, and hard work. I am grateful and humbled for the many members of our communities who have publicly supported me.

I make this promise to you if elected Brown County sheriff. I will work tirelessly to be the best law enforcement representative I can be for the people of Brown County.

Your voice will be heard and we will get back to the community-policing role I believe law enforcement should embrace. In law enforcement we work for the citizens first.

I have said a number of times I will remain “Fiscally responsible while maintaining the highest level of public safety so each and every one of you feels safe in your homes and communities.”

There have been a number of endorsements given both ways in this race. I have never asked a police officer/deputy for their endorsement as I have learned from past experiences that it puts officers in uncomfortable circumstances.

The main difference between my opponent and I is our level of experience. I have worked my way through the ranks of our police department for 27 years. My opponent has worked 12 years in a civilian position at the jail and 12 years in administration. Our sheriff needs a well-rounded background experience of having worked all the different jobs like answering radio calls, child protection, elderly abuse and scams, and narcotics. Voters recognized the value of my diverse experiences.

Many people have called and agree with my deep concern about the new allocation of staff my opponent references in the Oct. 30 Voter’s Guide provided by The Journal. My opponent states the addition of one to two new part-time dispatchers, one full time deputy, and two full-time correctional officers are needed for “Optimal” staffing of the Brown County Sheriff’s Department.

It is likely the total costs of the additional personnel along with the proposed K9 and drone, could exceed $400,000. This would be approximately a 10 percent increase of the proposed 2019 budget. It is my plan to restructure the staffing to be more efficient and utilize cost sharing. This will demonstrate my commitment to being fiscally responsible.

I ask that you vote for a change in leadership at the Brown County Sheriff’s Department and I appreciate your support at the polls on Nov. 6.

Jeff Hohensee

New Ulm