Vote for change, vote for Hohensee

To the editor:

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff for the past 14 years and can tell you first hand that he is the only candidate for sheriff that has worked his entire way up the ladder in law enforcement. Working from the bottom up is highly valued and respected by officers because it shows that someone is simply not handed an administration position. This experience is the best and only way that a true law enforcement officer can fully understand each level of this profession. Jeff is the only candidate that has started as a patrol officer and worked his way up to become the Sr. Investigator of the NUPD.

Jeff has always had an open door policy with co-workers to help them in their own case investigations. One thing that Jeff has always said is that officers need the chance to work their own cases or investigations so they can learn new aspects of this profession. I have written multiple search warrants on my own with Jeff’s help and guidance. Jeff has been there while they are served showing and explaining the steps that are also involved. It is this confidence that Jeff has in officers that makes him the right choice to be the next Brown County Sheriff.

A vote for Jeff is a vote for positive change for the Brown County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens and visitors of Brown County.

Eric Gramentz

New Ulm Police Department Officer