Support for Kimmel

To the editor:

Communities are built by leaders. Leaders who can develop a vision of what the future of the area should be. A vision is built from listening to everyone in the community, from the big cities to the small towns. A vision that will improve the lives of not just a select few, but the entire community as a whole. Having a vision and taking the steps to build that vision are what make good leaders.

Mindy Kimmel is one of those leaders. Mindy grew up in New Ulm and has been a leader who has traveled all across our house district. From Belview to Hanska and Lucan to New Ulm, she has been reaching out to those in the district to listen to their wants and needs. She has been one who can find common ground amongst us and build a vision for this region.

This vision has things like Hwy 14 being 2 lanes all the way to the border of South Dakota. Single payer healthcare so all families can afford treatment. Childcare that is affordable and available. Protecting Social Security and Medicare so the elderly can live the golden years with peace of mind. Minnesota needs to keep investing in its people, especially those who are most vulnerable because we all do better when we all do better.

When the government invests in the people, like New Ulm’s RENU projects, our lives improve. Plain and simple. Mindy is a leader who understands this and will push forward with an agenda for the whole community.

Preston Meyer



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